Brooks England have handcrafted their leather saddles since 1865. However, their heritage was making it difficult for them to expand their product range and develop innovative non-leather products.

Inspired by the hand-hammered copper rivets that adorn their classic saddles we modernised the brand whilst staying true to their industrial roots. Allowing Brooks to speak about innovation as well as quality.

The combination of a robust wordmark, luxury colour palette and rationalised typography that focuses on digital applications balances modernitiy with tradition.

When combined with the product the packaging looks as comfortable on the floor of a functioning workshop as it does on the shelves of high-end retailiers.

The new system was unveilied by launching a watershed product, the Cambium, the first ever non-leather product. We released it with a limited edition black version of the packaging that felt part of the system yet separate, bridging the gap between craft and innovation.

Copper has now become the key identifier for Brooks inspiring everything from interiors to product. Whilst the project as a whole has allowed the company to diversify it's product range and signified a turning point for the company.